Meet Our Coaches


Belanie Dishong

Founder and CEO


Brian Berlinski

Brian Berlinski is a Certified Live at Choice Platinum Coach, accomplished speaker, and published author.

Brian has experienced incredible transformation through his decision to Live at Choice, and is committed to helping Live at Choice clients become experts at transforming their own lives. He serves both the Deaf and hearing communities in his work, effortlessly bridging the communication gap with the Live at Choice message. Brian has a background in art therapy, and enjoys art-making and integrating the arts into his coaching practice.

Brian and his three amazing children are Deaf, and live in the Bay Area of California.



Doug A. Dishong

Douglas A. Dishong is a Certified Live at Choice Platinum Coach. Doug has spent many years as an entrepreneur, and a lifetime engaged in the field of personal development. He is committed to the expansion of quality of life, and both enjoys and appreciates the opportunity to help others through his transformational skills as a Live at Choice Platinum Coach. The Live at Choice Coaching Team relies on Doug’s warmth, wisdom and loving nature to keep everyone present to the truth of what it means to be a Coach.

He is married to Belanie Dishong, and is the father of 4 and grandfather of 10. (6)

Monica Wellington

Monica Wellington met Belanie over 20 years ago and has been participating in the Live at Choice programs ever since. Monica learned, not only to see her dreams, but to manifest and live them.  She lives her dreams constantly and attributes her journeys' success to Live at Choice.

Monica has had so much success in her LAC journey that she chose to become a Coach with LAC because she loves helping others.  She loves coaching because helping others discover and have their dreams makes her happy. Monica lives in Northern California where she loves spending time with family and friends, coaching, lots of traveling, cooking, and being in or near beautiful water. (5)

Rala Brubaker

Rala Brubaker is a certified Platinum Live at Choice coach, transformational life coach and motivator. Rala has been a great number of things from actor to waitress to management of a small criminal defense firm and finally to coach. She uses her 27 years of study of Psychology to pursue her passion of helping others to regain their own personal ability to live life their way. She is committed to helping others take the steps to become experts at transforming their own lives though Live at Choice work.

Rala lives in Denver, Colorado and is also busy guiding her two teens, three adult children and a 5 year old into living their lives through choice.



Suzanne Jarvis

Suzanne Jarvis met Belanie Dishong in prison. They were bound together – not as inmates, but as partners – in serving incarcerated women receiving addiction treatment. Amazed by the profound shifts the women made through their work with Belanie, Suzanne joined Live at Choice as a Certified Platinum Coach.

Suzanne has extensive experience as a transformational coach and trainer, and her lifetime passion for transformation fuels her work with Live at Choice, as well as the Houston Recovery Center and her role as associate producer on Generation Found, a documentary on adolescent recovery.

Suzanne is the mom of three wonderful young adults, and the grandmother of two gorgeous grandbabies.