The Truth About Fear and Courage

I’m going to share a conversation about the distinction between fear and courage, and the reason it is very important for you to understand what they truly are.

There’s no such thing called “fear,” and there’s no such thing called “courage.” 

There’s nothing outside chasing you. That feeling of fear is a response mechanism happening on the inside. It occurs inside because there’s something you do not want to experience. So called courage is also not a thing out there, something to learn, or something to get enough evidence about. It’s an experience that you generate from the inside-out. 

So, assuming this is true, then you’ve got your hand on the lever called fear and the lever called courage and that’s a powerful thing to know. You are determining when you’re fearful, and when you have courage. It’s not out there, it’s coming from the inside-out.

I have coached many people to go from fear to courage in a moment’s time. All of a sudden they are like, wow! What just happened? The reason is that It’s all because there’s something that you are not aware of that you don’t want to experience.

My tip for you today is for you to begin to focus on the things that you fear. Truly, what are the things that you fear, and what are the things that you’re not able to bring courage to? 

Let’s get down to what’s behind the fear, because notice that if fear doesn’t show up, you don’t even think about courage. You just do things, right? So, the fear is the trigger point and its a  choice to experience courage rather than to experience fear.

Here’s an exercise for you to do:

  1. Make a list. What are the things that you fear the most? What escalates that sense of fear “experience” that you are creating from the inside-out? 
  1. Next, ask yourself, “What is it about that that I don’t want to experience?” This question is the key to what’s really taking place.

The fear is just something that is covering up something you don’t want to experience.  Once you can identify the fears and identify what it is you don’t want to experience because of the fear, if it happens, then you have a place to begin to look at willingness. 

Willingness is the place where you decide that you are willing to let that experience happen or not. Quite honestly, 99.9% of the time, that thing that we fear never happens. Being willing allows you to then choose COURAGE.

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