Is Your Perspective What’s Really Holding You Back In Life?

Perspective is the way you perceive something. Perspective is also the reason why a problem can be removed from our lives but we still struggle.

Denise was married to a lazy, emotionally abusive man. She struggled with feeling worthless and lacking self-esteem and felt that he was to blame.

When he left her for another woman, she thought her life would magically improve. She thought she’d suddenly be filled with all of the confidence and self-love she needed. But sadly, she was still just as unhappy as before.

What Denise didn’t understand is that the “problem” is rarely the problem.

The problem is actually our perception of the problem – our Perspective.


Even with the problem removed, you still struggle with the same issues, just like Denise. So, the solution isn’t as simple as removing the problem. It has to be tackling your perspective.

Until Denise learns to see herself as loveable and worthy, she’ll keep making choices that re-enforce her belief that she isn’t worthy of love or affection.

It’s Easy for Everyone Else…

As soon as the topic of perception comes up, many people experience an inner resistance. That’s your mind pushing back, telling you that to change your perspective, you must suffer. You must endure pain. You must hate the journey.

But consider Peter. He had tooth pain for months and months.

In the past, he had a dentist who didn’t wait until he was numb to start drilling. Now, Peter was terrified of going to the dentist. Every time he thought about it, he could only remember the pain and the agony of the drill.

One day Peter thought he lost part of his tooth, so he finally made an appointment with a local dentist. Peter spent the following twenty-four hours fixated on how much pain he was going to be in. He could barely eat or sleep he was so worried!

After he arrived at the dentist, Peter expected the worst. He imagined the dentist would need to do a root canal or even worse, remove the tooth entirely. He was amped up and feeling very anxious.

When the dentist examined Peter, he said, “Yes, you need a filling. Other than that, your teeth are in great shape and only need some minor dental work.”

Peter built his dental appointment up into something terrible. It’s similar when you start on a journey of returning to your essence or your innate goodness. Your mind says, “This must be agonizing. Let’s avoid it entirely.”

Does this mean that you won’t experience pain on your journey? Nope, Peter still had to face down the fear. He still had to get an injection of numbing medication with a needle. But the pain was minor compared to the worry that consumed him previously.

The Pain Can End

The truth is you don’t have to live in pain anymore. You can stop letting your past define you. You can release the things that are holding back from your best life. You don’t have to believe that you’re damaged by your parents or your spouse or your own choices.

You can have the life you really want.

It starts with changing your perspective.

Oh wait, that’s easy, right!

Listen, I get it – it’s not easy to change your perspective or at least it feels that way.

At Live at Choice that is one of the things that we help our clients with so I decided to create a FREE training to help you. 

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I’ll walk with you and give you a roadmap of your upcoming journey. I can’t wait to see who you become when your perspective falls away and you step into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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