Life’s Journey Is Not To Arrive At The Grave Safely In A Well-Preserved Body, But Rather To Slide In Sideways, Totally Worn Out, Shouting OMG What A Ride!

Are you living your life to the fullest? Do you constantly go for it, live on the edge, pursue your wildest dreams and create the most magnificent life imaginable? If not, what’s stopping you? I say, you only get one shot at this thing called life, so give it all ya got! Playing it safe and living on the sidelines only robs you of experiencing all that life has to offer, and the biggest and highest version of yourself. Im here to show you that you too can live a life that has you shouting OMG what a ride!

Journey Full of Fear

There are several reasons why you might be playing it safe and living on the sidelines of life. Typically, I find that FEAR plays a big part in people’s lives and stands in the way of experiencing all that life has to offer. FEAR shows up often and in many different ways. Fear of looking silly. Fear of what people may think of you. Fear of screwing up. Far of rejection. Fear of not being picked. Fear of losing. Fear of winning. Fear of what people may say about you, etc. And when fear is present in your life, there is no room for joy.

It’s Just an Illusion

When you are able to see that fear is simply that which stands in the way of you and your most magnificent life, you are able to face it, realize that its actually not even a real thing, move past it and experience life to the fullest. That’s right. I said it’s not actually even real. Fear is using you. Fear is an illusion keeping you from experiencing pain from the past that looks similar to the pain you might experience again if you were to really go for it. It’s not good or bad, it just is. It regenerates into more fear and acts as a justification to be more fearful. Learning more about how you use fear in your life is just one of the many things I will teach you along the way to you realizing a life you have only dreamed of.

See Your Journey Newly

What would it be like for you if you really did live life kicking and screaming with pure happiness and joy? Imagine how your life would be if each and every day, you woke and met life with the highest level of anticipation, joy, laughter, love and extreme wonder that was ever imaginable. Would that not just be AWESOME!?!?!? You can have that you know! But first, you have to see it! Take a moment now, close your eyes, and imagine what today, yes, today, would look like if you could have it be the most joyous and fun day ever. What does it look like? What do you see? Take in the colors and sounds and smells of the things around you! Think outside the box. Go crazy! Now go even bigger! Im asking you to go bigger and brighter than you may have ever gone before. Notice the smile that is happening on your face. Feel the tingling sensations that are starting to take over your body. Reconnect with the joy you once experienced and are now recalling for perhaps, the first time in a long time. Yes! That’s it!

All of this is available to you each day, everyday. All you have to do is see it and step into it. I am here to show you how to let go of fear and other things that stand in your way of experiencing the crazy, fun, exhilarating life you desire. Join me for my free online course, Rules Mastery and discover how to make this journey of life the biggest and most enjoyable ride you can imagine!  CLICK HERE

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