Life Beyond The Empty Nest

Have all the chickens flown the coop? I say this tongue in cheek, with a little bit of humor. And I know you may be sitting in a place of sadness or despair. You have spent a great deal of your life raising a family to now see them gone and beginning the next journey of their lives. And it’s ok. Because now you too have the opportunity to begin the next part of your amazing journey as well. There is life beyond the empty nest.

I want you to see that what is so…… is just what’s so. I often find it difficult to let them go. I want you to know, it’s just what’s next. Whether they have left for college, moved away to pursue career paths or maybe gotten married and have started the next chapter of their lives far way, their choices may or may not have fit your pictures for them. I want you to know that no matter what they have chosen, none of this has anything to do with who you are as a person or a parent.

Often times we think our children are “ours.” Nothing could be further from the truth. While we have spent years in loving, nurturing, raising and guiding them, our children do not belong to us. They are living, breathing, functioning individuals that make their own choices. When you are able to let go of them belonging to you, you are free to see them as the individuals they are, and love them for the unique expressions of love that they share with you and the world.

You have done your job. You have gotten your child(ren) to the place where they are free to fly on their own.
Now is the time for you to begin to next part of your journey as well. “Well what do I do now, I have invested so much of myself in raising them.” Furthermore, some of you have determined your value in the role of “Being Parent.” Yes! Often times we have our entire identity wrapped up in the role of parent, spouse, employee, boss, sister, brother etc. When you can begin to see that you are more than the labels you have identified yourself as, you can begin the see that who you are is much greater than that. By limiting your belief about who you are, you limit your outcome of who can be. And you miss your next chapter of greatness. Imagine for a moment that there is an even greater version of yourself waiting to emerge, waiting to be realized beyond the empty nest.

Let me show you what’s possible for you in the next part of your journey. Let me give you the tools to awaken within you what’s next for you. Life has not ended because the kids have left the house. In fact, it’s just beginning. This is where the fun really starts, let’s together explore who you really are and start a path to your dreams that have yet to be realized! Join me for my free online training, Rules Mastery by CLICKING HERE!

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