Listening To Your Inner Voice

I want you to take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe. Often times we forget to do that, you know. I want you to put aside what you are doing, your worries and your list of things to get done today. I want you to spend a few moments with yourself and to listen for your inner voice.

You have all the answers. You know that right? You may be sitting there now searching for the answers to many of life’s challenges and I want you to know, you already have the solutions. When you take a moment to still yourself, what’s possible is the opportunity to listen to your heart. When you listen to your heart, you are able to return to yourself and receive the answers you are looking for.

You might be thinking: “If I knew all the answers, I wouldn’t be here.” I GOT IT! You are undoubtedly reading this blog today because you feel like you DON’T have the answers. And that’s ok. I am going to help you get there. And for now, I want you to trust that your quiet inner voice is always with you and gently guiding you, if you could just quiet the chatter to listen. In fact, it’s probably guided you here. The chatter can certainly be overwhelming and difficult to quiet down.

When you learn to listen to your inner voice, you are listening to your higher self. The self that is your true self. This is the voice that is free of ego, free of judgement, free of fear and resentment, and free of expectation. It is the voice that is you, the voice of truth and the voice of love. When you set aside all of the chatter that clutters your mind and your heart, you are able to allow and receive the messages that are coming through to you.

You see, it’s time to let life come through you rather than it coming at you!

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