The Boomerang Effect: What You Give You Get Back

You’ve heard the cliché’s: What goes around comes around, Karma is a bitch, What you put out comes back ten-fold. Well I’m there to tell ya, it’s true! Life is like a boomerang effect. What you give, you get back.

What You Give You Get Back in your Thinking

What you think is what you get. Think you can do it, and you will. Think you can’t and you won’t. All that you receive in life is a direct result of your thinking. Have you ever noticed that you often times think you are confused? As a result, you stay in a place of chaos and confusion? Ever wake up and say “today is going to be a great day” and then experience a day full of joy? Everything you are thinking attracts to you the energy that makes it so!

What You Give You Get Back in your Actions

Want to experience love and joy and happiness? Then put love and joy and happiness into everything you do! Take time to smell the roses. Enjoy the simplistic things along your journey today. Do something for someone just for the sake of doing it. Expect nothing in return. Have no expectations. Simply find the joy in living in gratitude and then appreciate the joys that life returns to you.

What You Give You Get Back in your Reality

You can truly have all you desire. When you align your thoughts and actions with all that is available in the universe, the universe responds with all you desire. To truly experience all you desire, you must first BE all that you desire. When you BE that which you desire, the universe will return to you all that you desire and all that you are.

Life truly is like a boomerang. And all of these things are true. But maybe sometimes you feel like your boomerang is stuck in a tree. You want to change your thinking, your actions and your reality but you’re not quite sure how. Join me and let me show you how to get your boomerang back!

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