I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer!

I feel it very important in these times of unrest, anger, death, and blaming that I bring the reminder of why we are have a 3-Day Holiday, Special Department Store Sales, BBQ’s and Cookouts, and family gatherings. It truly is for the purpose of honor, remembrance, and thank you for those who so selflessly gave their lives for each and every one of us.

Memorial Day began with the remembrance of 620,000 lives that perished during the US Civil War. A war where brothers faced off with brothers and killed one another. Today it’s about all who have perished in the fight for freedom throughout the world.

I become sickened with the reality of knowing that I am so clear as to the SOURCE and of the CAUSE of wars and death. It isn’t any of the circumstances everyone blames! And, It doesn’t have to happen.

I say, “It’s a time we all find the LOVE in our hearts, move past being RIGHT – as THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT.

For me, “It is eroding away at the heart of who we are as human beings. And I believe it would be really sad to recreate this history through this unrest, anger, death, and blaming going on in our country today.

I can only imagine the sadness that would be felt by each of those passed in the cause of freedom, if they were to be looking down at this erosion of humanity. Shame on all of us!

I say, “It’s time to look forward in possibility and opportunity to stop the unrest, anger, death and blame permeating through our country, learn from the past, and create newly, a country united.” What a concept!

I share with you 10 Important Things To Remember About Memorial Day.


I offer that you pause for a moment to be in remembrance, give thanks for the those who have passed for our freedoms.

Now, go have a wonderful time with family and friends.

All with Love,


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