Things to be grateful for.

There are hundreds of things to be grateful for and yet there is one area that I find is missing its due gratitude. The reason it is missing gratitude is because of your mindset about it.

I believe each of us are pretty thankful for the money we have, our families, our health, our food, friends, community and so on. I am going to open your mindset up to a much broader capacity when it comes to gratitude.

I share with you today an in-depth opportunity to change the outcome in your life surrounding one of the biggest issues for most people and families – MONEY.


I am a broken record when it comes to mindset. Why? Well look, when we dig into mindset about any topic, you have to look 360º. Generally, mindset is approached by looking at one area that is the problem when you seek change in your mindset. You can’t just approach mindset of any topic from one or two angles. For instance, if you are wanting to make more money…you can’t just approach from the negative thoughts you have about “not making enough money.” You have to get to everything going on about money.

Here’s an example.

You appreciate the money you have,
You wish you had more,
You are upset because circumstances cause you to be unable to make ends meet, There’s more bills than money sometimes,
You get upset because you don’t earn enough money,
You get upset because you overspend,
You are bogged down in debt,
There’s fear and upset about not having savings,
And you are not prepared for retirement.

The above example is all about “some gratitude and a lot of upset.” If you are only approaching mindset change by looking at trying to create or make more money, the other stuff will prevent you from being successful.

Also, I have to ask you, in the example, where is most of your energy going? Is it going to gratitude or to the upset? Your mindset is focused almost entirely on the upset and the energy it produces. That’s the truth.

I want to shift your Money Mindfulness and Mindset! You can do this with a new view on what is taking place, as it pertains to you and your money.


  1. You must learn and understand that you are a conduit for money!
  2. Every single thing you pay for is an exchange for the service they did or it has provided you.
  3. Every single penny you receive is an exchange for the service you have provided to the job, client, or place of interest.
  4. Money is not the source, it is the byproduct of some service.

Here’s an example: THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR…

Money flows to and through you. You are the conduit for the service of moving money. When money isn’t moving it is stopping service. You must see money as giving and receiving. There is no giving without receiving and no receiving without giving.

Giving Money
When you make a rental payment for an apartment or payment for a mortgage or payment in full for your home…This money is to be viewed as a GRATITUDE EXCHANGE for the service you have already received from the lender, landlord, or home builder. It is an exchange for the service you have received.

When you make the payment on a car, the utilities, the grocery store, the insurance company, the credit card or a check out at the register when you purchase something… BE MINDFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR THE SERVICES for which you are giving payment. You have had the use of the care, the utilities, the groceries, the protection of the insurance, and the credit, even before you have had to pay for it.

Stop viewing it as someone or something taking your money!

Receiving Money
Every ounce of your income or gifts of money is a PAYMENT TO YOU for the services you have provided or about to provide. You must see money in this mindfulness. Live in the mindfulness that “it is not the money, but the service provided that brings the gratitude back to you in the form of money.”

Stop thinking you aren’t getting enough.

I guarantee you when you shift your mindset into one of BEING A CONDUIT OF MONEY and KNOWING THAT GIVING AND RECEIVING THROUGH GRATITUDE IS THE PROCESS OF THE FLOW OF MONEY, you will be at peace around money and you will be IN THE FLOW OF EVEN MORE MONEY!

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