Get Out Of Your Own Way

It’s true that most of the time when you aren’t getting things handled, it’s because you can’t seem to Get Out Of Your Own Way!
I have spent a lot of years coming up with the solutions for getting out of your own way.  I thought I would share some of what I have come to know on this topic.


Let’s just take a problem you want to get solved.

Usually it’s a problem because you are trying to change some situation.  You aren’t happy with the way it’s going, and you get so focused on the problem itself that it actually becomes far bigger in your mind than it really is.
I bet that if you take a good hard look, what you will find is that you are spending a lot of time in the 5w’s + 1H syndrome.  

BREAK the Formula of 5W’s + 1H Syndrome

I call this “LETTING GO OF FORM”

Who What When Where Why and How

I refer to this syndrome as being a formula for failure.  Why?  Because when you are trying to solve an issue, you get caught up in trying to figure it out and nothing gets handled.

  • Who’s fault it is, Who can fix it, Who has to fix it….
  • What can I do, What has to happen, What will it take….
  • When it has to take place, When – time it must be done,
  • Where it has to be, Where it must come from,
  • Why did this happen, Why is it taking so long, Why isn’t it getting fixed
  • How can I solve it, How much is it gonna take….

The issue with this approach is that it will keep you running in circles, coming up with no real resolution.  Additionally, it is keeping you in a box.  You can’t see outside the box because of your fixation on the only way you can see the problem getting solved.

Plus, this approach also keeps you engaged in a negative mindset about what’s broken or about the situation not working.

Getting out of your own way comes from stepping outside the box.  

It comes from letting go of having to have the answers.  It’s about learning how to let go, setting yourself free, releasing your attachment to how you think it has to be done.

I promise that when you step into these slight shifts in your mindset, you will soon be OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

  1. Focus on something other than the problem.
  2. Choose to see the problem resolved – in your mind.
  3. Completely release the 5W’s +1H Syndrome.
  4. Trust:  Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.

Life will be more fun, answers will come to you when you least expect it, the problems will get resolved and you will live a brighter side of life. (Click For More Information)

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