I Know Where I’m Going, I Can’t See How To Get There!

“I know where I’m going, but I can’t see how to get there!”


This is such a common theme for many of my clients.  Today, while working with a client, I got so clear on what is really happening for people in these moments in time.


Her situation is not far from many others.  She was overwhelmed by her circumstances: issues with her family, her work and her money.  I asked her where she wanted to get started, and her reply was, “I really don’t know where to begin. One moment, I think about fixing something in my life, but then in the next moment I think about something else that’s not working.  Before I know it… I am back in the swirl of not knowing what I need to do to get going on the right track.”


As I listened to what was happening with her, looking for the piece of the pie that is the common thread for her, I began to see on a general scale what goes on at many different times in people’s lives.  She repeated this thought, “I know what I want…most of the time.  I can see what it looks like when I have it, but I have no idea how to get there.  I oftentimes feel very lost and confused.  The distractions seem to win out against me.  I am then left with not knowing what steps to take, how to get there and I question every thought I have and every step I make along the way.”


In my coachings, what I find over and over again is this type of exasperation in the hearts and minds of people.  I see they know where they really want to go, but they feel like they are running in circles.  They reported feeling like they are immobilized, unable to see the path they can take to achieve their goals… overwhelmed by business failures and relationship woes.


Imagine this for a moment:


You are not lost, and you are not confused.


You know you just don’t see how to get to where you want be.


As I spoke with my client today, so clearly did I see this visual:



Broken asphalt near a bridge after heavy rain



There’s this road up ahead, one you can see very clearly.  But no matter what, you can’t seem to find the right way to access what’s down the road.  Given that you are so focused on what you can’t see, you start to believe it’s impossible to get to where you want to be.  While you are in a place of doubt, you can’t see that you are actually standing right in the middle of the road that you need to be on.  The part of the road right in front of you that you can’t see yet is the “washout in the road.”


Yes, the WASHOUT IN THE ROAD.  This is the spot that has you believing there’s no access to the road that will take you where you want to go.  This is a false belief — as you reach for what’s next, the washout shows up, and now you think you’re stuck.


You are not really stuck – there is something going on at a deeper level as you approach a new creation in your journey.  At this point in your life, you have a hidden fear which appears as a washout in the road, as something that you can’t seem to pass through to get on the right road.




The issue is to discover what the fear is all about, and once you become aware of the cause of your fear, you can see the bridge that will carry you over the washout and on the road to your destination.  The bridge already exists… the issue is whether you can see it.


The washout causes one to make up all kinds of story.  You then become embedded in the story of how you can’t find your way.  This is the “boomerang” that Neale Donald Walsh speaks about.  The more you empower the story to become real in your world, the reality comes right back to ya.  Embrace new thoughts, find the fear!


After you find the fear, the next step becomes clear.  See the bridge over the washout, walk onto the road.  Most importantly, realize that you are already on the right road.  Washouts aren’t a problem as long as you understand that you hold the washout in your thoughts.


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