Just Stop It!

When things are not going the way you want them to go, just stop it. Stop the way you have been approaching the resolve. It is very easy to get wrapped up in circumstances, but just stop it. Now that I have blasted you with “stop it,” I’ll tell you what you can do to change things.


In a previous blog, I write about a practice called Reveal To Me… Read that blog before continuing, because until you understand what the practice is about, the two blogs will not connect the way they are intended (Read the blog here first).


At the end of the blog, I gave you steps to incorporate the practice into your life. The last step instructs you to do what’s next. I promised I would speak on the logistics of Do What’s Next.


Imagine what it would be like if you were standing in front of a hurdle about 3 or 4 feet tall. You are standing flat-footed, and you are expected to clear the hurdle without bending your knees. Can you imagine how difficult that would be? For me, it would be impossible to get over the hurdle, but only if I had not done many other steps along the way to be ready for the big jump.  


I often see the attempts people make when they are trying to make something happen, or cause something to change in their life. They want the immediate gratification of new results. So, they do whatever it takes to just make it happen NOW. These impulsive changes are often painful and fruitless. Then they are left feeling the burden of failure and exhaustion, with further struggles to overcome. This is because they haven’t learned the concept, Do What’s Next.  Here is what I mean…and the way to put it into practice.


Using the Reveal To Me… practice means to let go and be still for the answers. It is to feel no attachment, to be wanting of desperation for when and how the answer will be revealed to you. It means to be comfortable with Just KNOWING that the answers will come.


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In the NOW, Do What’s Next – this means to listen.


You do NOT have to know what to do next. Naturally, just follow what is before you and do that. Sometimes that might be do a task that’s pending, go have a meal, take a walk, take out the garbage, drop the kids off at school, make a call to a client… it’s anything that comes to mind in the moment you let go.


Why is this so important? It is important, because it is what’s to be done next. You get so involved with trying to make things happen that YOU GET IN THE WAY of how things can happen organically, more easily and more powerfully. Oh, but don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean just have a seat, check out of the moment, and wait to see when it all rolls in. I don’t mean that you have to be apathetic. Action on your part is required, but follow the action you are guided to rather than taking actions with the goal of forcing things to happen.  


Here’s a huge example. Let me preface this example with two points:


1) I practice Reveal To Me and it is a huge part of everything I do. I am most always in a state of inquiry.


2) A few weeks ago, I had been in inquiry about what would be my next product. What could I create that would make a difference for others?  


Now, to continue with the example. I was working at my desk, and I was deeply involved with what I was doing. I kept noticing that I was feeling very hungry. But, I ignored the feelings of hunger, saying to myself “You’ll eat later, right now you have to finish this.” The feelings of hunger grew. Then, I realized there was something I needed to do NEXT. And that was to go eat. I heard that call, Do What’s Next. I immediately left my desk and went down stairs. In the kitchen, I thought I would make a homemade ham salad. Now, what I want you to know is that I have never made a homemade ham salad. Of all the times to try to make something new, I choose a time when I have to get back to what I was working on. Well, I listened to myself and I took out what I needed to make the homemade ham salad. I was surprised at how quickly I got involved in what I was doing. While doing what was next for me, suddenly I could see exactly what my new product was to be (and it wasn’t just a homemade ham salad). The idea came to me as if it had been waiting on me to see it for years. I knew what I needed to do next — a training video and book to accompany the training.


Just Stop It and Do What’s Next is what will make your life flow with astonishing new results! I love my new product! So I ask you, what will be your newest creation? When you can incorporate these practices, and do what’s next for you, then you will tap into YOUR limitless creativity.




  1. Jena Rodriguez on January 24, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    This is SUCH an amazing reminder. Especially when tough times hit, or when I am in a place of overwhelm or the “not knowing” what to do…just do what is next!

    Thanks Belanie….as always!!!

  2. Michelle on January 25, 2014 at 11:56 am


    You have taken a spiritual concept and sifted it to its very essence! I have been working with similar concepts off and on because they seemed more complex. They are not. Thanks for making this practical and simple to apply. Another component is Thankfulness. Really being in a place of thanksgiving to God puts me in the mindset to do what you describe. Thanks and hugs!

  3. Joyce Brown on January 27, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    I love the way things work. I have been upset all day by something that took place last night. I decided to make sure I cleaned up all my emails today and “like magic” here is the answer to my upset. If I had read this the day it arrived, it might not have been as beneficial to me.

    Thanks Belanie…love, Joyce

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