A Life of Joy and Wonder Starts with This, and Here's Why

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the possibilities that could arise, as I live in a state of appreciation.


A deeper look at what appreciation really means


It seems to me the words “appreciation” and “gratitude” have been lumped together by people over time, as if the terms share one meaning. I am experiencing that the two have completely different denotations. Please don’t misinterpret my perspective — I think gratitude is an incredible state of being, and my intention is not to diminish its importance by focusing my curiosity on the complexities of appreciation.


Here is the conclusion I’ve come to: appreciation precedes gratitude. This is similar to the “before and after” way I see life.


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The effects of appreciation as a way of being


Appreciation has an energy frequency all its own, and this energy has a particular vibration. The whole of life is defined by energy, and all energy follows a certain vibration frequency. Energy makes up all things: material, immaterial (such as thoughts/emotions), etc. – and is transferable through everything.


The energy of music provides some of the most powerful and easily felt vibrations on a universal level. One way to detect music is through the vibrations the hearing world calls “sound.” However, some people “hear” music only through physically felt vibrations. For example, I have a deaf son-in-law, and three deaf grandchildren who do not hear music in the same way that I can. But, let me assure you, they experience music. They can dance to the beat without even hearing a sound!


My point is that all energy has a detectable vibration. The movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” demonstrates appreciation versus unappreciation through their different effects on water.  Through this example alone, I can see the impact people have on one another, and the powerful effects of collective thinking.


Gesture Of Gratitude


Appreciation is not about doing, but it is about being. Whoever we are being in our beliefs and thoughts is evident to others through the energy vibrations we give off!


What I’ve discovered through my own inquiry is that everything can be perfect and stable for me, if I simply accept everything as it unfolds. In other words, if I commit to coming from a place of appreciation at all times –  as a way of being, then everything will intrinsically have value. I will have nothing left to resist.


To see the worth in everything, rather than searching for its value, leads to inner peace. Peace can exist when people choose to see the value of others as granted, or innate. Then, life is full of wonderment.


Living through the perspective of appreciation, I live in joy!


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